11 March 2014

Flossy and Jim on the road!

Woohoo! We are mobile! Today we went to 'Signs Express' and got our little mini all pimped up 'Flossy and Jim' style! We went to Signs Express in Plymouth (www.signsexpress.co.uk) and got ridiculously lost trying to find them. A lovely man called Matt called us from the company and gave us directions. We were eternally grateful to him as we were getting dizzy going around and around all of Plymouths roundabouts. We went and had breakfast and by the time we had finished it was all done! Matt and the team worked wonders on our car! On the way home, a man on his bike shouted out at us, 'Hey Flossy and Jim!' We were going to give him a honk, but our horn has broken, so we may have to invest in a speaker system or something…If you see us about, give us a wave! X

The 'Flossy and Jim' Car!