24 March 2014

Egg-stra! Egg-stra! Read all about it!

Hello lovely blog readers! Thanks for popping by - we really appreciate it! Hope you are having a good day! What are you doing? 
This morning we were awoken by the seagulls on our roof making a right old racket. All we could hear was them screaming, like really screaming! Then 'bang, bang, bang', as they ran up and down the roof. It sounds like they have doc marten boots on. They are never normally this noisy, then we realise why….it's seagull mating season. 
Every year, this happens. The sun starts shining, and the seagulls get it on. 

Jim and the 'Mole' who lives in our bed, trying to sleep through the noise.
We decide to open the roof window in an attempt to 'shock' the seagulls into silence. This did not work. If anything, they became noisier. Then our seagull 'Alfie' - decides to stick his head in through the window to see what we are doing. We feel violated and duck under the covers.
On his way out, he slips and his feet fall through the window…then he flys away. This bird shaped chaos ensured we were really wide awake…so we get up. I think the opening of the window might have been a bad idea. 


We now know that we are in for a noisy few weeks. Maybe we should put some candles on the roof for them, and play them some Barry White, so they get it over and done with. 

When we get downstairs we decide that this drama has put us in the mood for a 'eggy' type of breakfast. We decide ohaving mini-egg cakes. Very healthy. When we open the packet, we find they have put extra mini eggs on the cakes! This must be some sort of eggy type karma. 
We hope you had a good morning, and a good day! We are off to do some work now…'Eggs-cellent'. See you again soon! X