26 March 2014


TWEET!!! Today we have exciting news for you. Available now from: http://ohhdeer.com/competition/seam-there-done-that/10613/budgerichacha?product=tshirt , you can now purchase our 'bang on trend' Budgerichacha clothing range! This is a sneak peek of what is to come, as we are about to launch production of a whole new range of merchandise! The lovely people who visit our blog, (that's you!) will be the first to know when this becomes available, and we will be doing some special giveaways too, so stay tuned! 

If you are wondering where we get our ideas from, you should know that our recent design inspiration comes from our very own budgies 'Pearl and Dean'. Here is a paparazzi style shot of them, whilst they were hanging out in their very own apartment suite. They are free-range budgies, so they fly free around our house, but they know they can always chill out in their apartment block (aka the bookcase). Dean is a chatter-box and we are teaching him to speak human. Pearl is very aloof, and thinks she is the Queen. I wonder where we will get our next inspiration from. Any ideas? Please send them in on a back of postcard, or comment below! Bye for now! X